Frequently Asked Questions

How long will counselling or coaching take?

We believe in moving counselling and coaching at a pace that respects your time, budget, and needs. Some situations take as little as one or two sessions. Some situations take a longer term approach.

What is a counselling or coaching session like?

It can be difficult to make that first appointment for counselling or coaching, but don’t worry! From the first session, you should feel comfortable, supported and optimistic about moving forward. Ideally, a sense of relief, and clarity. We will spend the first few minutes completing some paperwork and outlining confidentiality. We will then explore what brought you in, provide support and discuss the plan moving forward.

What are your fees?

We encourage you to consult your health insurance provider to assure your personal coverage, as every plan is unique. We are currently charging:
$110 per 50 minute session.
$130 per 90 minute session.
$130 per couples session.
$60 Coaching sessions with Giuliano.

What if you can’t provide what I need?

As part of my interdisciplinary team, we have Medical Doctor (family, Dr,. G.P.), Psychologist, MSW, a Prescribing Pharmacist, BSN, and Employment Services available for consultation and/or referral.

Do you have evening/weekend appointments available?

Yes, we will do my best to accommodate your schedule needs. Phone and video sessions are also available.


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